Friday, September 5, 2008

Update on the eBay fib

Not one to pass up an opportunity to lie, John McCain jumped on the eBay bandwagon today. Of course anyone with Internet access already knows the story about Palin selling the old Governor of Alaska's plane on eBay isn't true. (I debunked it in an earlier post). Of course John McCain doesn't use the Internet, by his own admission, so that must be why he dredged up the story again (although you'd think his campaign advisers would have clued him in). Even better, McCain pumped up the already overinflated story by saying:

"She sold it on eBay - for a PROFIT!"

Sorry John, but as we all know by now she didn't sell it on eBay. After not selling it on eBay, the state finally sold the plane through an aviation broker for $600,000 less than they paid for it.

You may be wondering if it's even relevant to the campaign whether or not she put the plane on eBay. It sure is and here's why: According to a Congresswoman who supports McCain, the fact that Palin put the plane on eBay qualifies her for VP! That's right, and all this time you doubted her qualifications. You've got to see it to believe it! (The commentators couldn't even hold their laughter).


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