Saturday, September 6, 2008

The $10 million woman: A heartfelt thanks to Sarah

As shocking as it seems I want to take a moment from my debunking to actually thank Sarah Palin. Like me, so many people were incensed by her sarcastic vitriol during the convention they ran straight from their TV screens to their computer screens so they could donate to the Obama campaign.

Obama spokesperson Tommy Vietor said the campaign pulled in over $10 million since Palin's speech. Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the RNC raised $1 million after Palin's speech.

Those numbers seems to say a lot more people buy into Obama's plan for America than they do for McCain's plan (by 10:1). So Sarah, keep taking the low-road and denigrating your opponent and we'll keep reaching into our pockets to make sure that come November, we won't have to listen to it anymore.


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