Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who needs national security credentials when you have this

Since McCain has made national security a central theme of his campaign, this exchange between Sarah Palin and Charlie Gibson during tonight's interview is jaw dropping. Gibson said:

"When I asked John McCain about your national security credentials, he cited the fact that you have command of the Alaska National Guard and that Alaska is close to Russia. Are those sufficient credentials?"
Palin responded:

"But it is about reform of government and it's about putting government back on the side of the people and that has much to do with foreign policy and national security issues."

HUH?? Putting government back on the side of people relates to her national security credentials? Not to worry, Sarah cleared that right up by continuing:

"Let me speak specifically about a credential that I do bring to this table Charlie and that's with energy independence that I've been working on these years as Governor of this state." [You mean 18 months?]

What on earth is this woman talking about? (I'm not taking this out of context, this is the exact flow of her answer). While desperately fleeing from Gibson's question about her national security credentials, Palin runs down not one, but two dead end streets that have no connection to each other or the original question.

Looks like Sarah should have stayed in media seclusion until Nov. 5.


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