Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin stonewalls TrooperGate investigation

The media and the public aren't the only ones getting the silence treatment from Sarah Palin. Now she won't talk to investigators in the TrooperGate scandal either. Using a classic Bush tactic, Palin is now "unlikely" to cooperate in the investigation, according to a McCain campaign spokesperson. That news comes despite the fact that Palin originally agreed to cooperate and said she welcomed the inquiry.

The reason for Palin's flip flop? McCain campaign officials say it's because the investigation has been politically tainted. Here's the problem with that reasoning: the Republicans are the majority party in the Alaska legislature and the investigation was commissioned on a bipartisan basis in July -- a month before Palin joined the McCain ticket.

Now two months later, the McCain camp says the investigation has been "hijacked" by "Obama operatives" for the Democratic presidential nominee. Who are they kidding? If you follow their reasoning, the Obama campaign knew even before McCain did that he would nominate Palin so they infiltrated the Alaska legislature in July to set this up.

Maybe the McCain camp should start writing spy stories in addition to the fiction they're spinning about their candidates. What are you so afraid of Palin? If you have nothing to hide, stop hiding behind excuses and cooperate with the investigation!


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