Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin to break her silence at Town Hall Meetings

For the first time since becoming McCain's VP nominee, Sarah Palin will take questions from the crowd this week. Palin, who has been mute on the campaign trail except when reading from a script, will team with McCain for Town Hall meetings in Michigan and Wisconsin. It is McCain's first Town Hall meeting in a month.The exact dates haven't been announced but they are expected to take place later this week.

The campaign will likely keep McCain-Palin joined at the hip for the next five weeks so he can protect her from questions she can't answer and she can boost his crowd levels. Yesterday, McCain campaigned alone in Florida. According to MSNBC's First Read, he addressed a crowd of roughly 3,000 people in a stadium that seats 16,000. At the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena where McCain spoke, they draped a huge American flap over the rows and rows of empty seats to camouflage the lack of people.

Now if the public would remember this: The same guy they're not lining up to see is the one they're voting into the White House, not his side kick.


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