Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain Blaims Tone of Campaign on Lack of Town Hall Meetings

While appearing in the ServiceNation Summit tonight at Columbia University, John McCain responded to a question concerning Sarah Palin's denigrating remarks about community organizers this way: "I think the whole tone of this campaign would have been different if Senator Obama would have accepted my request to appear at Town Hall meetings all over America."

How McCain was able to say it with a straight face is remarkable. He thinks if Obama had met him on his terms in an environment he's comfortable in (and thinks he has an advantage in) the tone of the campaign would have been different? So is he punishing Obama now with the low-brow scorched earth tone he's taken? McCain even had the gall to repeat the statement later in the discussion.

You sad, sad man.

Moving on...there is SO much fodder from Palin's interview with Gibson tonight it will take some time to get through so stay tuned...


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