Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clip of Gibson Interview with Palin Confirms Gibson is Wrong Man for the Job

A just-released clip from Charlie Gibson's interview today with Sarah Palin shows just how unsuited he is for the job. In it, he asks her if she thinks she's ready to be VP and potentially President. Watch the clip.

Did he really think she was going to say no? "No Charlie, I don't think I'm qualified and neither did John McCain but we thought it would make great political theatre and distract everyone from the real issues. And you know something, we were right!"

Journalism 101 Charlie (and I'm a journalism grad myself), never ask someone a question when you already know how they'll answer. What if you had asked it this way instead:

"Governor Palin, what in your past as mayor of Wasilla and Governor of Alaska - for less than two years- has prepared you to deal with the massive issues facing this country on the domestic and foreign fronts? Be specific."

Geez Charlie, if the rest of the interview went like this, the McCain camp must be dancing for joy. Way to go.


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