Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sarah Palin Stumps in Missouri - Part 2: 'Show Me' some people with common sense

A footnote to my earlier post about Sarah stumping through Missouri uttering the same pointless rhetoric she first trotted out during her acceptance speech. What's more troubling than the lack of ideas, or intelligence, in her stump speech is the crowd's reaction. They whoop and cheer the fact that she's slamming her opponent with grade-school mentality insults. And they seem to care less that she is offering them nothing more. No ideas, no policy positions, no discussion about the issues. Are we really that much of a reality-TV society that we no longer have the mental capacity to deal with important issues?

What I found most disturbing were the comments from women who attended the speeches. When asked if Palin's nomination changed their minds about how they were going to vote, many said yes. When asked why, I frequently heard things like: I like her spirit. She's got great energy. She seems like a fighter.

Seriously, you're going to vote for McCain for president because you think his VP is a spirited lady that could easily assimilate into your coffee klatch? God help us.

Despite what the McCain camp wants everyone to believe (after all, his campaign manager Rick Davies said this campaign was not about the issues), people should care about the issues. They should also care whether or not the candidates are telling the truth. Here's what Obama said on MSNBC last night:

Wake up everyone! This is not a beauty contest and Palin isn't running for Miss Congenialty. She's running to be one step away from the Presidency - behind a a 72-year-old man with no new ideas and frightening similarities to the current President - and we know how well that's worked out.

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