Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The No Talk Express: McCain shuts out the media

The McCain campaign is orchestrating a complete shut-out of the media. Along with keeping the press away from Palin, McCain is actively avoiding the reporters who follow him on the campaign trail. Today, after an appearance in Strongsville, Ohio, McCain blatantly ignored reporters' questions about the proposed plan to bailout the financial industry. In frustration, one journalist screamed out: "Has your bus become the No Talk Express?" In response, McCain smirked and kept walking.

As a candidate for President, McCain should be ready, willing and able to respond to questions about critical issues on the fly.

It's been 40 days since the Senator has taken a question from a national reporter, though word leaked out today that McCain is planning his first press conference since August 13. Palin, meanwhile, has yet to host a press conference or answer questions on the campaign trail.

McCain's unwillingness to talk to the media shows just how panicky the campaign is about McCain and Palin being able to deliver a cohesive statement about anything of substance.


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