Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain is the fly in the ointment during bailout talks

John McCain swooped into bailout negotiations today in Washington DC and accomplished absolutely nothing - except possibly stalling the process. Earlier this afternoon, word came out that a tentative deal had been struck. Then Bush convenes a meeting at the White House and the deal is off the table. McCain sat quietly through the meeting, never offered specifics, and spoke only at the end to raise doubts about the rough compromise that was reached earlier.

Sen. Chris Dodd, head of the Banking Committee, described McCain's presence as politically motivated with the potential to derail the negotiation process:

"What this looked like to me was a rescue plan for John McCain for two hours and took us away from the work we are trying to do today. Serious people trying to do serious work to come up with an answer."

McCain's antics of forcing himself into the bailout negotiations show that the only thing he puts first is his campaign.


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