Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain is burned out and burning through his bag of tricks

Today on Fox 'News', John McCain was asked if he would be willing to suspend his campaign again, given how 'successful' his intervention worked last week (just goes to show how utterly shameless the Fox anchor-bots are if they could say that with a straight face). McCain swooped into town last Thursday afternoon to corral the House Republicans, who then promptly bailed on the bailout talks and ultimately voted it down by two-thirds. When discussing whether he would intervene again, a haggard looking McCain said:

"I'll do whatever I can do to make this thing work. As I said, I've had discussions already with the President, I've had discussions with my colleagues. I'll continue to do whatever is necessary. I will put my Presidential campaign on the back burner if necessary and do anything...if we fail the first time, it won't be the first time. We will go back and we will fix this problem."

With help like McCain's, the Congress surely doesn't need enemies. McCain's "help" amounted to a near dismantling of the delicate negotiation process. And here's a news alert for McCain -- you already did fail once. The bailout bill was voted down. The best advice is for you to get back to messing up your campaign instead of messing up the bailout bill renegotiation.


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