Thursday, September 25, 2008

A first: Palin takes questions from the media on the campaign trail

For the first time in nearly four weeks on the campaign trail, Sarah Palin (sort of) answered four whole questions from reporters Thursday in New York. After touring several Sept. 11-related sites, she was asked whether she supports the reelection bids of embattled Alaska Republicans Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young. Palin said, "We’ll see where that goes,” and promptly ignored a follow-up question on whether she would vote for Stevens and Young.

Palin was then asked if she would have acted differently than the Bush administration in its war on terror. Palin said,

“I agree with the Bush administration that we take the fight to them. We never again let them come onto our soil and try to destroy not only our democracy but communities like the community of New York. Never again. So, yes, I do agree with taking the fight to the terrorists and stopping them over there.”

She answered a follow-up question about whether she thought the continued U.S. military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan has inflamed Islamic extremists this way
“I think our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan will lead to further security of our nation, again, because the mission is to take the fight over there. Do not let them come over here and attempt again what they accomplished here, and that was some destruction, terrible destruction on that day. But since Sept. 11, Americans are uniting and rebuilding and committing to never letting that happen again."
Her response indicated her belief that Iraq is somehow responsible for 9/11, when everyone knows it isn't true. It's not the first time she's made that claim. During a speech a couple of weeks ago at an army base in Fairbanks, Alaska, Sarah Palin told the Iraqi-bound soldiers they would be defending "the innocent from the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the death of thousands of Americans."
This woman really needs to get her facts straight, and quite frankly, stay away from the microphone. With every off-the-cuff statement she makes, she seems to lower her IQ points.


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