Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain "cuts and runs" at campaign event

Tough talking McCain, who constantly accuses Obama of wanting to cut and run in Iraq (or in Obama's words "Be as careful getting out as we were getting in"), ran out on his own campaign stop today. It seems that without his rock-star running mate Sarah Palin by his side, McCain is only half the man he used to be.

In his first public appearance without Palin, McCain campaigned at a small diner in Philadelphia (the adoring throngs seem to have diminished). A section of the diner opened up to a market where people were gathering beyond the protective campaign cocoon. McCain launched into his familiar lightweight pitch: “It’s time to leave the talk behind and start shaking up Washington and fixing our economy, taking care of the problems facing our families." He was soon interrupted by people standing in the market who started chanting "Obama, Obama". They were countered by McCain supporters who began chanting his name. McCain cut short his speech and left.

It seems the only way McCain and Palin are comfortable these days is when they are delivering carefully scripted lines from afar, outside the reach of the public and the media's direct inquiry. In fact, that's all they've done since the convention ended. Clearly they are concerned about being scrutinized too closely so they are keeping everyone at arm's length - and no one seems to be holding them accountable for this cowardly strategy.

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