Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain plays himself for a fool - will attend the debate

John McCain has just played himself as the ultimate fool. His campaign announced late this morning that McCain would attend the Presidential Debate tonight, despite the candidate's declaration on Wednesday that he wouldn't attend until an agreement on the proposed bailout package was "locked down". McCain inserted himself into the ongoing negotiations yesterday and all of a sudden, the process came to a screeching halt. This morning, with no deal reached and mounting public anger over the prospect of a cancelled debate, McCain capitulated.

McCain's decision to attend the debate was no doubt fueled by three things: 1) Obama was about to get 90 minutes of uninterrupted prime time coverage as the sole debate participant 2) A poll released by ABC yesterday showed Obama up by 9% following McCain's stunt on Wednesday 3) And an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll out Friday just before McCain's announcement showed the public overwhelmingly wanted the candidates to debate, 60 percent to 22 percent. And that, "my friends" is the real reason McCain is on a plane to Oxford, Mississippi right now.

McCain's big gamble to look "Presidential" in the face of the financial crisis didn't pay off. He looks like a fool not capable of sticking to his word or setting a clear direction for his campaign. The first fly in McCain's ointment was Obama, who didn't take the bait when McCain proposed cancelling the debate. Obama questioned why McCain couldn't multi-task and participate in the debate and the bailout negotiations in the same day. The second fly was Republican Representatives who refused to play nice or let McCain take the role as the great uniter.

John McCain's erratic, shoot-from-the-hip behavior should scare Americans. If this man can't even decide whether or not he should attend a debate, he shouldn't be allowed to decide the future of the country.


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