Friday, September 26, 2008

Still debating the first Presidential debate

It's less than 10 hours before the first Presidential Debate is set to kick off at Ole Miss University and McCain is still playing his foolish game of cat and mouse. After unnecessarily inserting himself into the middle of the bailout negotiations, McCain finds the process stalled and the House Republicans (who don't like him) standing firm on their objections.

So what does McCain do with the mess he created? If he leaves to go to the debate, it looks like he cut and run on the negotiations that he implied only he could save. If he stays and can't get the House Republicans to budge, he looks like a failed leader who can't even get his own Party to fall in line. Quite a dilemma.

Meanwhile, down in Mississippi, an army of people who have been working for the last month to pull off this debate are left holding the bag. Not to mention Obama, who will be there with or without McCain. The potential alternative to a debate is to let Obama take questions from the audience and the moderator in a Town Hall style format (McCain's bread and butter). Of course Obama has been prepping for a debate, not a Town Hall meeting, but he will certainly rise to the occasion. As for McCain, he has just proven how out of touch, reckless and irrelevant he really is.


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