Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin runs for cover: Next up Sean Hannity and Fox News

Sarah Palin got her clock cleaned by a tougher than usual Charlie Gibson on the first night of her highly anticipated three-part interview (see posts below for details). No doubt her deer-in-the-Kleig-lights performance led the McCain campaign to rethink unleashing her to mainstream media. So in true un-maverick-like fashion, the campaign confirmed today that Palin's next interview will take place with ultra-conservative, right-wing fanatic commentator Sean Hannity. Guaranteed to be a homecoming parade for Palin, the interview will air on “Hannity & Colmes,” Fox’s 9 p.m. political talk show, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Don't expect any hardball questions from Hannity, here's how he described Palin after her nomination:

“She is a rock star, a rising star, a reform governor with more experience than Barack Obama ever dreamed of having.”

Already stumbling drunk from imbibing the McCain Kool-Aide, Hannity's interview is sure to be a calculated love-fest designed to restore the tarnish Gibson took off Palin's manufactured shine.


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