Sunday, September 7, 2008

Making her debut on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows...

...well, it sure wasn't Sarah Palin. In fact, Sarah was THE ONLY candidate from either party's presidential ticket NOT on the Sunday morning news circuit. The roundup of interviews included Barack Obama (This Week with George Stephanopoulos), John McCain (Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer) and Joe Biden (Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw).

That's right, less than two months before the election and immediately following her debut at the Republican Convention, Palin is incredibly absent from the Sunday talk show circuit. The only interview she has given since becoming the nominee is with that hard-hitting staple of political news: People Magazine. Who's the celebrity now?

If Obama, Biden and McCain can make time for interviews, what is Palin's excuse? Clearly the McCain advisers haven't had enough time yet to pump her full with the knowledge she doesn't possess on her own. Unless the topic is the PTA, Wasilla, eBay or Alaskan pipelines, Palin must be ill-equipped to handle questions about real issues.

How long will the McCain camp sequestor their new star from the intrusive questions of the media -- until November 5 perhaps?

I included the following clip in an earlier post but it's too good not to use again. Last Thursday, Jay Carney, Time's Washington bureau chief, questioned McCain spokesperson Nicole Wallace about the lack of access to Palin during MSNBC's "Morning Joe". It shows the mentality and arrogance of the McCain campaign regarding the media's - and the public's - access to Palin. Enjoy!

By the way, what did the "media do to this candidate that (Wallace) has never seen before in her life"? What I saw them do is fall all over themselves proclaiming her the new rock star of the Republican party. Maybe Wallace should 'go back to bed' so she can stop dreaming up reasons why Palin shouldn't have to make her case in her own words to the American public.


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