Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin stuck in endless replay mode

Here's some advice for Palin enthusiasts: Forget crowding in to town hall meetings in the middle of nowhere to see her, just replay her convention speech and you'll know everything you need to know. That's because Palin, who's been on the campaign trail now for over two weeks, hasn't deviated from the strident insults and folksy remarks she delivered at the Republican Convention.

Imagine the poor reporters that follow her; they must be ready to pull their hair out every time she utters: "And I told Congress thanks but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere" (especially because it's not true).

According to an MSNBC reporter following McCain-Palin on the trail, Palin uses the same tired convention speech lines nearly every time, including: “There's a time for politics and a time for leadership, a time to campaign and a time to put our country first.” And she ends with, “There is only one man in this election who has ever really fought for you.”

No doubt the McCain campaign is urging her to stay on script because when she free-forms it, things get ugly (reminds me of the painful times when George Bush goes off-the-cuff). For example, last Monday in the midst of the financial crisis that tanked Wall Street, Palin made this brilliant observation, "(the system) needs some shakin’ up and some fixin." Sounds more like a line from a Shake-n-Bake commercial than a response to one of the greatest financial crisis in our history.

Or (as reported here in a previous post) how about her response to a question about economic equity for women that arose during a town hall meeting in Michigan. A former Hillary Clinton supporter in the crowd asked Palin,“Give us some details and examples of your strategies and plan for economic empowerment for women.” Those holding their breath for a substanitive response from Palin must have turned blue when she responded "...I’ll tell ya, I’m a product of Title IX in our schools, where equal education and equal opportunities in sports really helped propel me into the—I guess into the position that I’m in today where.”

Actually, I think dumb luck, good timing and an irresponsible decision by McCain propelled her into the position she's in today. Like George Bush, Palin is out of her league but has the support of the Republican Party to gussy her up to look like a viable candidate. Don't fall for it twice.


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