Friday, September 5, 2008

Maverick or Horse's Behind: You Decide

In a brief interlude from my efforts to debunk Palin's lies, let's turn to the always-good-for-a-laugh John McCain. The self-proclaimed maverick (by the way, does any one else think it's dorky and egotistical to anoint yourself a 'maverick'?) sure does enjoy himself sometimes. Never mind how inappropriate it can be.

Here's John McCain reacting to a question about whether former FEMA Director Michael Brown (aka Brownie) was qualified to run the agency that failed so horribly during Katrina (remember, the hurricane that killed thousands and left tens of thousands left homeless):

And here's John McCain having a good ole time when asked by some lunatic at a town hall meeting when the U.S. was going to send an 'airmail message' to Tehran:

I guess you have to keep a good sense of humor about war and mass destruction when you're constantly advocating for it and threatening everyone with it. Good times!


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