Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time out: A retraction

Since the purpose of this blog is to debunk lies and distortions, the last thing I want to do is provide disinformation, like the Republicans. So I pulled an earlier post because I now question whether the information was correct. The post dealt with a story that ran on CNN claiming that Sarah Palin cut education funding for special-needs children by 62%. Given the sensitivity of the subject, it's not something to take lightly. When Soledad O'Brien posed the question to a McCain spokesperson she didn't counter with any facts to disprove the claim. However, I got a comment from a (very) disgruntled reader who claimed it wasn't true. I did some further checking and discovered some discrepanices to CNN's claim. Then I came across an article from the Anchorage Daily News indicating that at least this year, Alaska's budget for special needs students wasn't cut.

Now if the Republicans could only muster up the integrity to correct their campaign distortions; of course that would involve retracting every speech from their Convention. In the mean time, I'll keep looking for the truth and leave the lying to them.

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