Monday, October 20, 2008

Robotic Palin Stars in New Robocall

A day after condemning her own running mate's robocall campaign, Sarah Palin is now starring in her own. Palin, who is nothing more than a robotic henchwoman for the floundering McCain campaign, gets in trouble whenever she freelances her remarks. Yesterday, Palin told reporters in her press pool that she'd prefer her campaign not resort to robocalls calls because they are "kind of draining in terms of Americans' attention span."

Today, people in Wisconsin and Nevada were greeted by Palin's grating voice on the phone asking for their support. The robocall has Palin reiterating her and McCain's self-proclaimed credentials as "mavericks."

You'd think the McCain campaign would have learned by now that Palin needs to be muzzled unless she's reading directly off a script blessed by the campaign. Her ability to stick her foot in her mouth is surpassed only by her ability to rally the Party's radicals.


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