Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain to “spread the wealth” to pay for seniors' healthcare

This week, McCain and Palin unleashed a new scare tactic on the campaign trail: Obama is a socialist who wants to “spread the wealth around.” Perhaps McCain should take a closer look at his health care program before getting too comfortable with this new line of attack. According to McCain's own definition, his Medicare program reeks of “socialism.”

McCain has proposed requiring wealthier seniors to PAY MORE for their prescription drugs under Medicare as a way to “rein in health care spending.” Under McCain’s plan, married retirees who make more than $160,000 a year would pay increasingly higher costs for Medicare prescription drug plans.

Let’s get this straight… McCain’s answer for dealing with skyrocketing drug prices is to make wealthy people pay more. Isn’t that kind of like Obama raising taxes (by 3%) on the wealthiest 5% because they can afford it? Hypocrisy is the only thing McCain is consistent about these days.


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