Monday, October 20, 2008

Another voter registration fraud nightmare for McCain

After weeks of assaulting ACORN for alleged voter registration fraud, John McCain is sitting in the hot seat. We now learn that McCain's campaign paid $175,000 to the firm of Republican operative Nathan Sproul who is accused of massive voter registration fraud. In addition, Sproul has donated nearly $30,000 to McCain's campaign.

In June, McCain's campaign along with the RNC and California Republican Party paid Sproul's firm, the Lincoln Strategy group, to register voters. Sproul has been investigated for suppressing Democratic voter turnout, throwing away registration forms and spearheading efforts to hamstring Democrats by getting Ralph Nader on ballots. House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers said that that Sproul's alleged activities "clearly suppress votes and violate the law."

McCain certainly has his dirty hands full. The Republican gets a double-dose of his own medicine. As reported in the previous post, the head of a Republican-run voter registration group in California was arrested this weekend for voter registration fraud and now the Sproul connection comes to light. Let's see how anxious McCain-Palin will be to talk about ACORN now that the voter registration table has turned.


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