Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The gutter politics of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin continued her scorched earth campaigning through Floriday today. The newest attack dog of the Republican Party is using the stump to denigrate Barck Obama and divert attention to nonsense rather than deal with her own lack of qualifications or policies.

In a rally in Jacksonville, she said people will make their final decisions on Nov 4 based on candidates' personal qualities. Palin must be getting this election confused with the Miss Alaska state pageant. Sorry Sarah, but competence and leadership trump personalities when picking a president.

Palin diverged briefly from her rants about Obama by offering an elementary-school explanation about what a McCain-Palin Administration would do for the economy:

“We have to do this because we have to get in there and review every federal agency, every part of federal government, and improve those parts that need improving and eliminate those parts that aren't working for the American people.”

After this brilliant dissertation, Palin moved right back to slamming Obama. She accused him of buddying around with William Ayers, a "domestic terrorist." Of course this accusation is completely trumped up by McCain-Palin and has been branded as a lie by every media outlet. After the Ayers garbage, Palin assaulted Obama with a new claim, attempting to tie him to another radical, Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Palin babbled,

“Since he got called out on his plans to meet unconditionally with terror state leaders like Ahmadinejad, will he now claim that he was unaware if his radical background?”

This woman is shameless, power-hungry and completely without integrity. Gee Sarah, your husband belonged to a political group that supported Alaska's secession from the union. Does that make you a terrorist - or a just an enormous hypocrite and liar?


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