Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain squirrels away his ACORN connection as campaign launches full-scale attack

Today the McCain campaign launched a full-scale assault against ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, setting the stage for claims of a "stolen election." Attack Dog-in-Chief Sarah Palin sent an email to supporters falsely claiming that ACORN's alleged voter registration efforts are part of a deliberate strategy to steal the election on behalf of Barack Obama. Funny, but Palin's memo didn't include that fact that McCain has a recent - and real - association with ACORN, unlike the trumped up charges against Obama and his association with ACORN.

McCain was the keynote speaker at an ACORN rally in Miami in February 2006 and partnered with them on immigration issues. The rally was intended to call attention to the need for comprehensive immigration reform and was attended by hundreds of ACORN members.

In the bizarro world of McCain-Palin, it's ok for McCain to work with ACORN and speak at their conference but it's treason for Obama to have no connection to them whatsoever except that in 1995, his law firm was retained to represent ACORN in lawsuit. Bertha Lewis, Chief Organizer of ACORN, released a statement today saying,

"It has deeply saddened us to see Senator McCain abandon his historic support for ACORN and our efforts to support the goals of low-income Americans. Maybe it is out of desperation that Senator McCain has forgotten that he was for ACORN before he was against ACORN; he was for immigration reform before he was against immigration reform; and he was a maverick before he became erratic. We were thrilled to partner with him to help reform the outdated immigration laws in this country, and were pleased to work closely with him on this issue."

The McCain campaign's dirty tactics to associate Obama with ACORN and voter fraud comes straight from the Republican play book. In the 1960 election between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon, the right wing claimed Nixon was cheated out of the election because Kennedy fixed vote counts in Illinois and Texas. They blamed everyone from the mob, to the Teamsters Union to infamous Chicago mayor Richard Daley. Interesting how they didn't cry foul in 2000 when the entire election came down to miscounted votes in Florida, the state where George Bush's BROTHER was Governor.

The McCain campaign is starting to build their fairy tale...Obama was a community organizer in Chicago...ACORN is a group that does community organizing on behalf of low-income citizens....low-income people who got sub-prime mortgage loans helped bring about the financial markets collapse...Chicago politicians can't be trusted....ACORN and Obama can't be trusted...ACORN & Obama are responsible for the collapse of the financial markets AND voter fraud.

You can see how ridiculous but possible it is that the Republicans are building such a case. They've already got the radical elements of their party whipped into a frenzy over it and they will surely continue to flame the fires. The only solution is to have Obama win by a landslide of popular and electoral votes and shut down their hate-mongering machine for good.


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