Monday, October 6, 2008

McCain has voted to protect domestic terrorists

The McCain campaign's efforts to slander Obama by connecting him to former 60s radical William Ayers may backfire based on McCain's record of supporting domestic terrorism.

This morning on CBS’s Early Show, McCain-Palin campaign spokesperson Nancy Pfotenhauer attempted to defend the smear tactic and added that if McCain “hung out with somebody who had bombed abortion clinics” it would be a legitimate topic of discussion.

Oops. Looks like Pfotenhauer has egg on her face. When it comes to abortion clinic bombers (domestic terrorists), McCain has repeatedly defended them, not the victims. On multiple occasions, McCain sought to limit the government’s ability to punish violent anti-choice fanatics:

  • McCain voted AGAINST making anti-choice violence a federal crime in 1993 and 1994. On each occasion, McCain was one of thirty radical anti-choice Senators to oppose the bill which made it a federal crime to engage in “bombings, arson and blockades at abortion clinics, and shootings and threats of violence against doctors and nurses who perform abortions.”
  • McCain voted AGAINST the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE), which makes it a crime to forcibly interfere with women's access to reproductive-health facilities.
  • McCain voted to ALLOW perpetrators of violence or harassment at reproductive-health clinics to avoid paying the fines assessed against them by declaring bankruptcy.
  • McCain said he OPPOSED Colorado’s “Bubble Law,” which prohibited abortion protesters from getting within 8 feet of women entering clinics [Denver Post, 2/27/00]. – Voting to allow those fined for violence at clinics to avoid penalties by declaring bankruptcy.

Given McCain's unsavory record, he's either stupid, reckless or both to attack Obama on trumped up charges of chumming with domestic terrorists. McCain actually voted to support them.


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