Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain once called Robocalls "hate calls"

Way back in 2000 when John McCain still had some integrity, he was the victim of outrageous campaign robocalls compliments of Karl Rove and George W. Bush. One campaign claimed that McCain had fathered an interracial child, the other said Cindy McCain was addicted to drugs. McCain was outraged and said they were "hate calls".

Now of course, McCain is using the same tactic against his opponent and apparently doesn't consider them "hate calls" anymore. McCain's new robocall campaigns charge that Obama works with a terrorist (Bill Ayers) will enact an extreme leftist agenda, and has denied newborns needed medical attention. These ridiculous accusations have already been discussed and dismissed as untrue, but that isn't stop McCain.

Best of all, McCain appears to be using the same firm that was responsible for the vicious robocall campaign used against him. The firm, FLS-Connect, is run by prominent GOP figure Jeff Larson. FLS and Larson helped Bush smear McCain during the 2000 primaries.

McCain is obviously operating his campaign from the sewer these days and the stench is getting harder and harder to take. So what's next from the McCain camp? I'll bet my money that he's getting ready to release a new robocall claiming that Barack Obama is related to Osama bin Laden. With McCain, anything goes.


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