Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell breaks Republican ranks to endorse Obama

Today Colin Powell broke ranks with the Republican guard to endorse Barack Obama for president. Powell, once heralded as a moderate leader of the GOP, told Tom Brokaw on Meet the Press this morning that throughout his campaign, "Obama displayed a steadiness. Showed intellectual vigor. He has a definitive way of doing business that will do us well."

Despite his 25 year friendship with McCain, Powell said he was troubled by the negative tone of his campaign including the injection of Bill Ayers, terrorism and other divisive rhetoric into the campaign. Powell also said he was disappointed by McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his VP:

"Now that we have had a chance to watch her for some seven weeks, I don't believe she's ready to be president of the United States, which is the job of the vice president. And so that raised some question in my mind as to the judgment that Senator McCain made."

Powell's defection from the McCain camp is one of many prominent figures now distancing themselves from the beleaguered candidate, whose campaign reeks of loserdom. McCain henchmen Rudy Giuliani, who gleefully and viciously slammed Obama in his GOP convention speech, hasn't been on the campaign trail in weeks. Governor Charlie Crist of Florida, once on the super short list of VP picks, didn't join McCain or Palin when they campaigned in his state last week. Crist said he'd try to "help out" when he had time. He actually spent the day at Disney World rather than campaign with McCain. And Senator Susan Collins (R. Maine) demanded McCain stop his idiotic robocalls into her state because they were damaging.

McCain has earned his new role as pariah. After making a career out of promoting himself as a "maverick" not afraid to break ranks with the Party extremes, he is now left with few allies. The only people who are embracing McCain now are the crazies who show up at his rallies shouting racial slurs and calling for violence against Obama. The only genuine support left for McCain now is the lunatic fringes of Party.

It should be fun to see the Republican pundits spin the Powell endorsement.


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