Thursday, October 2, 2008

McCain Camp furiously pre-spinning the VP Debate

Today, McCain's flunkies have been working themselves into a frenzy with pre-debate spin. In an obvious attempt to make up for Palin's comedic performance with Katie Couric, they are now basically saying it's irrelevant if she has a handle on the issues because all Americans really want is to connect with someone who is like them.

On CNN this afternoon, chief McCain flunkie, Senator Joe Lieberman, said Palin was a victim of college test-like questions from the "gotcha" media and she shouldn't be expected to know "four points of every issue" since she's a Washington outsider. He then repeated his theory on NBC with Andrea Mitchell, saying Palin's lack of national knowledge was ingratiating her to everyday people. Lieberman told Mitchell,

"She's not lived in the world of Washington, so she doesn't know every detail of all the questions senators deal with. But, frankly, that's her strength. I think that's why a lot of regular people out across America think she's going to be their voice."

Mitchell countered with, "Senator, she wants to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. You know, that doesn't mean just being an average mom, it means bringing other skills."

Lieberman wouldn't sway from his talking points and later said,

"I think tonight is not a kind of final college exam. I think the point is who is she as a person... Whether she can answer every detailed question, I don't think that ultimately matters to the American people so long as they think she passes those other personal thresholds."

So, now this election is about personalities? Just how low does the McCain camp think they can lower the bar for Palin - it's already on the floor. You can just hear the post-debate spin now from McCainites... Palin is a Washington outsider, blah blah, she shouldn't know every national issue, blah, blah...she's a maverick and reformer, not a policy wonk, blah blah...she's an everyday person so she understands everyday issues, blah blah...

Let's see, I own a home with a mortgage, does that make me qualified to handle the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? And I know how to fill up the propane tank on my gas grill, does that make me an energy expert? That the kind of idiotic il-logic is what the McCain campaign is now using to justify Palin's spot on the VP ticket. The truth is, there is no justification.


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