Friday, October 24, 2008

Republican Exodus: Party Faithful Flee from McCain

Last weekend Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama, opening the floodgates for other defections. Today, the The Wall Street Journal reports one of John McCain's actual advisers has not only endorsed Obama, but already voted for him by absentee ballot. Charles Fried, a professor at Harvard Law School, expressed his enthusiastic support for McCain in January and served as an advisor on McCain's Honest and Open Election Committee and Justice Advisory Committee.

This week, Fried announced that he has voted for Obama and asked that his name be removed from the McCain campaign-related committees on which he serves. Fried said a big reason for his defection "is the choice of Sarah Palin at a time of deep national crisis."

Other Republicans who've bailed from the McCain campaign this week include:
  • Scott McClellan, Bush's former Press Secretary
  • Arnie Carson, former Republican Governor from Minneapolis
  • Former Republican Massachusetts Gov. William Weld
  • The grandchildren of former Arizona Senator and Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, McCain's beloved conservative role model

Don't be surprised if Palin announces her endorsement for Obama next. Ever the political opportunist, Palin surely wants to avoid the loser label that will be forever attached to her resume if McCain's flailing campaign fails.


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