Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain's sleazy new robocall says Obama will endanger American lives

The McCain campaign has launched yet another despicable robocall that claims Barack Obama would endanger American lives if elected.The audio of call, which ran in Wisconsin on Friday, asserts:
"Democrats attempt to cut off crucial troop funding. Accuse our troops of war crimes. And Senator Biden predicts Senator Obama will be tested. A weak president will indeed be tested. Obama and Democrat's politics endanger American lives. They are not qualified to lead our military and our country. When you vote, vote for the team that puts leadership, character and country first. John McCain."

Sadly, this latest appalling campaign tactic from McCain hasn't gotten as much coverage as the Bill Ayers robocall and others. It seems even the media is getting tired of McCain's low ball tactics and isn't wasting their time reporting on the deluge of sleaze. Let's hope the voters are more disgusted with it and reward McCain with a huge defeat on Nov. 4.


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