Thursday, October 23, 2008

Palin's makeup artist highest paid McCain staffer in October

McCain and Palin have been barnstorming through "Real America" as the lunch bucket, average Joe & Jane candidates while spending all sorts of money on "elitist" things. Yesterday we learned that Palin spent $150,000 on clothes the past month. Today we learn that the highest paid staffer on the campaign was Palin's makeup artist. Yep, a makeup artist was paid $22,800 for the first two weeks of October to work on Palin the Reformer.

Amy Strozzi, a "Hollywood celebrity" makeup artist, was the single highest paid person on McCain's staff, surpassing Randy Scheunemann, chief foreign policy adviser and Nicolle Wallace, senior communications strategist.

Kind of hard for Palin to pitch herself as the average Jane when she spent more on makeup and clothes in one month than most Americans earn in three years.


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