Monday, October 6, 2008

God help us if Palin is elected

Today during a campaign stop in Florida, Sarah Palin and chief McCain flunkie Joe Lieberman invoked God about 4 times in five minutes. Was this a political speech or church sermon? Sometimes it was hard to tell. More importantly, haven't these two heard of separation of Church & State? I realize Palin is no Constitutional scholar but Lieberman, who's been in the Senate 20 years, should have an inkling.

Lieberman, the Democratic outcast who sold his soul to campaign for McCain, introduced Palin as someone who is "so strong, she's so capable, she's so competent." I'm not certain how he said that with a straight face before adding that Palin is someone who "with your help--and God's help--will be the next vice president of the United States."

Really Joe, with God's help? Does God pick sides in U.S. presidential elections? If so, I should have done a lot of talking to him before the 2000 and 2004 elections. After Lieberman's nauseating intro, Perky Palin hit the stage. Upon seeing the waving American flags in the crowd she remarked, "God bless America--you guys get it!"

Get what exactly? That you're not American unless you wave your patriotism in someone else's face?

After Palin unleashed her new vitriol about Obama and his imaginary ties to terrorists, the devil, Big Foot and the boogeyman, she segued into a discussion about the potential for wind and solar power in Florida and said: "God has so richly blessed you here!"

Good God, give us a break. The God-faring, flag pin-wearing and waving crowd may have loved it but this isn't a church revival, it's a political campaign for President & VP of the United States. Give Palin her own TVangelical Reality Show if you want, but not a shot at top job in the country.


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