Thursday, October 2, 2008

John McShameless strikes again

It's obvious that John McCain has forfeited every ounce of integrity to win this election. Today on MSNBC's Morning Joe, McCain accused Obama of "phoning in" his input when it came to negotiating the bailout bill. If you recall, just yesterday McCain said now was the time for bi-partisanship, not finger-pointing, and his characterization of Obama is ridiculous. McCain said:

"I am proud of my work. Suspending my campaign, coming back to Washington, getting the Republicans at the table, which they were not, improving the bill, and I believe it will pass. Senator Obama phoned it in."

The truth is, McCain likely hindered, not helped the process when he parachuted into Washington last Thursday amid much self-created drama and threats of cancelling the debate. The House Republicans actually pulled out of White House talks after McCain arrived. Before arriving in DC, McCain was also working on the bailout over the phone. His senior strategist, Mark Salter, said as much this weekend. Like McCain, Obama went to Washington last Thursday and actually participated in the talks at the White House while McCain sat in silence for 40 minutes.

Along with the bailout questions, McCain's interview on MSNBC included questions about Palin's disastrous interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric. When asked if he thought the campaign had mishandled the Alaska Governor's media rollout, McCain said no, adding:

"I think we have handled her fine. I think the criticism and attacks have been unprecedented. She'll be just fine. She'll do fine tonight. Whenever it is between her and the American people, she does just fine. She's experienced, she's knowledgeable, she's a very strong person. I'm proud of her record and I'm proud of her."

And boy, have they ever "handled" her, Palin's the politican Pillsbury Dough Boy. She was kept from the media for weeks, won't take questions from pool reporters on the trail and has been receiving near roudn the clock tutoring sessions to fill in her gigantic gaps on knowledge. Amid all that handling, she still fell flat on her face during her two network interviews. As far as the so-called "unprecedented" media attacks - remember the 24 x7 coverage of Reverend Wright that lasted for about 5 weeks? That was pretty unprecedented.


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