Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain supporters heckle tax plan that will benefit them most

On the campaign trail today, John McCain and Sarah Palin continued to beat their fear-inducing rant on socialism and the birth of a welfare state into the thick-headed sculls of the faithful who cheered them on. Palin called Obama's tax plan socialism and McCain said Obama would take money from hard working Americans and distribute it to those who don't pay taxes.

Come on people, wake up and smell the joe - and I don't mean Joe the Plumber (who isn't a licensed plumber, has a lien on his state taxes and donated money to the McCain campaign). Obama's plan is to raise taxes by 3% on people making more than $250,000 (the tax increase only applies to the amount earned over $250,000). It's the same tax plan Bill Clinton had in place and no one called it socialism then, including John McCain.

In their rampant perversion of the issues, McCain and Palin claim Obama's tax cut for 95% of working American families is for the sole purpose of redistributing wealth from hard working Americans to people who don't pay taxes. First, Obama isn't giving money to people who don't pay taxes. The people McCain is insulting pay federal taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, states taxes and sales tax. McCain is simply distorting the fact that the lowest earners often don't owe federal taxes because they qualify for enough credits or deductions. Second, it's amusing that McCain's knuckle headed fans don't seem to realize that McCain is deriding a tax plan that will benefit THEM. Surely the people showing up at his rallies shouting death threats and racial slurs aren't in the above $250,000 income crowd.

The same people who are calling Obama the anti-Christ (as a man in Henderson, NV did yesterday) are the ones who will benefit most from his tax plan and benefit least from McCain's plan. Perhaps they haven't heard that McCain isn't "one of them." His wife is worth $100 million and he owns 9 properties and 11 cars.

You've got to hand it to Palin though, she stands on the stage attacking Obama as an elite socialist while wearing $150,000 worth of Prada heels and designer suits. What she lacks in brains, she makes us for in moxy.


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