Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A look at "That One" (John McCain's) debate performance

John McCain's hostile, snarky and shaky-voiced performance during tonight's debate paints a clear contrast between him and Obama. McCain came across as out of touch, erratic and just too old for the job. Obama was calm, cool and collected. Ironically, McCain ended the debate by saying the country needs a steady hand on the tiller while he appeared unsteady, tired and directionless.

It was hard to follow McCain's train of thought, or lack thereof, when he answered questions. He would start and stop and quickly change directions until you forgot the original question. One long-winded response about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sounded like a stream of consciousness. In fact, McCain's entire performance was like watching one long 'senior moment.'

Throughout the debate, McCain's ill-fated attempts at humor sounded mean, not funny. When Tom Brokaw asked him who he would consider as his Secretary of the Treasury, McCain responded with a deadpan, "Not you Tom." The one thing McCain did seem to thing was funny, although no one else does, is his bomb, bomb Iran "joke" as he called it. Yes, that was hilarious...

The most obnoxious moment came when he referred to Obama as "that one". This belittling remark shows McCain's clear disdain and disrespect for his opponent. McCain's breathless voice added to the awkwardness of the night; he sounded like he didn't have enough juice to finish his sentences.

Along with not providing substantive answers, most of McCain's responses were so canned and repurposed I could recite them along with him. How many times can he bring up "Obama will raise your taxes," "Obama can't admit the surge was successful," "Obama wants to bring the troops home in defeat." McCain's rhetoric is as tiresome as his condescending phrase "my friends," which he used at least 697 times tonight.


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