Friday, October 3, 2008

McCain bails out on Michigan: Palin Clueless

Of all the many things Sarah Palin is clueless about, it's stunning to learn she didn't know until today that McCain had pulled up his campaign tent and left Michigan. Palin said she read it in a newspaper -- and we all know how rare that is since she couldn't recall for Katie Couric the name of a single newspaper she reads. After picking one up for the first time this morning, Palin learned of McCain's Michigan bailout and promptly criticized him and said she fired off a quick e-mail" questioning the move.

The fact that Palin had to find out about the Michigan decampment from a newspaper shows just how disorganized the campaign is and how insignificant her role. She's clearly being minimized to reduce the harm she's already inflicted. Palin told Fox News of her disappointment in McCain's decision this morning, adding:

"Todd and I, we'd be happy to get to Michigan and walk through those plants of the car manufacturers. We'd be so happy to get to speak to the people in Michigan who are hurting because the economy is hurting."

Palin parading through a car plant isn't going to turn around McCain's falling poll numbers in Michigan. His campaign decided Wednesday night that the $1 million a week it was spending in Michigan wasn't worth it. I guess they also figured it wasn't worth telling Palin, since she now seems to be limited to the role of campaign cheerleader only.


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