Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain counters Powell endorsement with thumbs up from soap opera actress

Yesterday, Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president. The McCain campaign fired back with an endorsement of their own: Telenovela soap opera actress Katie Barberi. Hardly a comparable endorsement but obviously the best McCain can come up with these days. The actress, a Mexican-American, announced her endorsement and then hit the campaign trail with Joe Lieberman in Florida.

Considering McCain can't even get Florida's Republican Governor, and one-time VP contender, Charlie Crist to campaign for him in the state, he must appreciate the extra hand. It's ironic that the McCain campaign, which accused Obama of being a "celebrity" and holding "elite" celebrity fundraisers, is now digging up endorsements from anyone they can, including a soap opera actress. Barberi has about as much political relevance as McCain's running mate Sarah


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