Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain-Palin: The politics of self-destruction

Watching McCain-Palin these days is like watching a case study in self destruction. Day by day, these two merrymakers are dismantling any premise of a legitimate campaign through their gleeful, hate-filled attacks designed to incite anger and bigotry. Behind all the vitriol, they offer nothing new, positive or productive about their own candidacy. Instead, they are creating political caricatures of themselves, made especially evident last night when McCain, very inch the angry old man, pointed to Obama and snidely called him "That One."

Today in Pennsylvania, the campaign's horrific ugliness was in full display again. For the second time in three days, a speaker at a McCain-Palin rally snidely used Barack Obama's middle name "Hussein" to incite the crowd of conservative loyalists. Monday it was a Sherriff in Lee County Florida. Today it was the GOP Chair of Lehigh County Pennsylvania.

Make no mistake about it: McCain-Palin are fully aware of that evoking Obama's middle name is designed to promote fear and hate-mongering. They know it's wrong and already condemned this tactic as unsavory. In February when a conservative radio talk show host referred to Barack "Hussein" Obama, the McCain campaign said the use of Obama's middle name in an inflammatory fashion was inappropriate and not reflective of the race they are seeking to run.

All that has gone out the window as McCain faces rapidly falling poll numbers. The only kind of race they're interested in running now is one that insults, belittles and stirs crowds to dangerous levels of bigotry. Audience members have shouted "terrorist,", "kill him," and "treason," in response to McCain and Palin's stump speeches. Instead of condemning the comments immediately, these two soulless clowns thrive on it.


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